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10 September, 2011

Ten Years Later...

In thinking about tomorrow and the event it marks from ten (10) years ago, I was wondering what can I say about it. Ten year ago this country was brought to its collective knees for a bit. But then like the fighter that just refuses to stay down we stood up, and motioned for the terrorists to just bring it.

I remember the day the jets flew into the twin towers, my heart sank. I looked at my wife and thought, this is our last day together. Family was calling telling us they were okay back in the Jersey area. They watched in horror as these airliners targeted the buildings. Today, it is my sincere prayer that every Bible believing Born again Christian that professes Christ as their personal saviour, get on their knees and pray for revival the likes this world has never ever seen. I, like millions of Americans can remember where we were when this horrific event took place. Will you in another ten years be able to remember what you did or where you were on the tenth anniversary of the single event that would change the United States of America.

The best thing anybody can do on this tenth anniversary is ask Jesus to be their personal saviour. He gave His life to pay our debt for sin. We can only wonder how many of those that died on 9/11/2001 actually went to heaven. The sad reality is, probably not many. They were not prepared. You can prepare today for eternity. If you call on Jesus and ask Him into your life, confess you are a sinner and ask forgiveness for those sins, you Jesus will forgive you and write your name in the Lamb's Book of Life. That is the only way to heaven.

As the song lyrics go;

"There ain't no doubt I love this land; God bless the USA....Until next time....

Mr. Bill

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